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Vodjo is currently seeking skilled Frontend Developer with a strong interest and capability in the implementation and architecture of front-end browser applications. The ideal candidate loves JavaScript and utilizes functional programming concepts in their work. A good understanding of HTML5 and CSS3 is also highly valued for this position.


Strong experience with JavaScript (object oriented, functional, expert knowledge of browser/APIs, etc.)
Strong experience with common front end languages such as HTML5, CSS3
Practical hands-on experience with web based JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and engines such as Vue.js, React, AngularJS, Polymer, ES6 / ES7, etc.
Strong opinions on technology and software design to bring to the table
Strong programming skills including software engineering methodologies and best practices
Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git

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Experience with server side languages such as Node.js, Go, or Python
Development experience in Unix or Linux operating environments
Ability to work in an agile environment
Comfort maintaining live production systems
Be a part of our team!
Vodjo is filled with passionate young individuals who has certain uniqueness within themselves. We all share the same believe that we are here to grow together and give good impact to others.

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Furthermore, we value kinship, transparency, and professionalism at work. It goes without saying that we all share the same vision though we come from different background.

So, let’s grow together! Kindly drop your CV and portfolio to [email protected]

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